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The Nature of Wisdom (NOW) Programme

The NOW Programme is an advanced personal development workshop created by Carol Roush (founder of the Medicine Horse Way) and facilitated by Rosie Withey (an Eponaquest Advanced Instructor and Medicine Horse Way Master Instructor).

This advanced intensive program is an in-depth exploration of the Way of the Horse as a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Awaken to your life purpose

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Practical Information

Week One: 21st to the 26th of April 2017

Week Two: 10th to the 15th of July 2017

Next programme dates

Total cost of tuition is £3,000 payable as follows:

£1000 deposit payable upon acceptance onto the programme and registration

£1000 payable by 1st February (non-refundable unless programme is cancelled)

£1000 payable by 1st March (non-refundable unless programme is cancelled)

Fees and payment

Cancellation policy: Workshops are limited to a specific number of participants therefore the payment policy is STRICTLY as follows.  A refund of 50% will be made with a 30 day notice of cancellation. Every effort will be made to fill a vacated space, however there will be no refund with less than 30 day notice, for any reason, if we are unable to fill the space on short notice.

The NOW Programme takes place in the beautiful and peaceful setting of Trealy Farm, near Monmouth


“Is it possible, I asked myself, that I am being summoned from some deep and

holy place within?


Am I being asked to enter a passage in the Spiritual life, the journey from false

self to true self?


Am I being asked to dismantle old masks and patterns and unfold a deeper, more authentic self, the one I intended to be?


Am I being compelled to disturb my inner universe in quest of the undiscovered being who clamors

from within?”


Sue Monk Kidd from her book 'When the Heart Waits'

With horses as your inspiration and guides, you will learn skills for increasing self-awareness, learning to hear your inner guidance, accessing inner peace, and developing an approach to life that enables you to live deeply and awaken to your life’s purpose.

Below you will find more detailed information about the course. Alternatively, if you're ready to apply or just want to have an initial chat, please get in touch.

Application Process

Please take the time to thoughtfully answer the following questions and email your application as an attached Microsoft Word document to

You can also call me on 07775 594 294 or 01761 453 168  if you have questions about the programme or the application process.

All applicants will receive email notification as to whether or not they passed the paper-screening phase. Phone interviews for those passing will then be scheduled. The application process will continue until the programme is full and a waiting list is established.

Date of application and your name, address, phone number, and email address.


What was your initial experience with Eponaquest? Indicate nature of experience (workshop, private sessions, or an intensive), the name(s) of facilitator(s) and of workshop(s), and dates.


How has your initial experience with Eponaquest influenced your life?


Which of the Eponaquest concepts or activities were difficult to integrate when you returned home? For example, the concept of emotion as information, authentic community building skills, and the false self/authentic self metaphor.

Which of the concepts were most useful?


What area of interest appeals to you most during the NOW program?


A significant emphasis will be on building authentic interspecies communities. Do you feel ready to participate in an intensive group experience which will require you to sit with uncomfortable emotions, identify your own triggers, and hold the sacred space of possibility for others to allow them to move through their own process?


Describe the role that intuitive insights and/or shamanic states of consciousness play in your life.


Do you have an idea or a desire to integrate this experience with your career or life’s work?











In the end, what horses know is that everything changes…constantly. They teach us to be mindful of the present moment, free of preoccupation and judgment.


We heal the past by being in the present and this also frees the future.


It is then that we are automatically imbued with lightheartedness; it is then

that we can step far enough from our old survival beliefs and behaviors

to make room for a sense of humor, self-acceptance, and loving

kindness that are at the core of our authentic selves.


It is from this connected place within that we discover the true

nature of who we are, create authentic relationships,

and live in peace.


In the safe and congruent environment of NOW you will

have the opportunity to explore what feels emotionally,

physically, spiritually, and intellectually expansive for

you and become truly awake to your life’s purpose!