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"Rosie is a gifted teacher who shares her experience with

an open heart and her feet

firmly on the ground"

Connection, communication and confidence


Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th June  2017


Learn how to truly ‘Be Yourself’. This workshop will help you switch off and become more aware of your inner voice, allowing you to connect to your Authentic Self, feel more alive and proceed with clarity!

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Horses have no agenda and do not judge. They encourage us to be truly congruent and so have the potential to connect us to our real intentions, feelings and behaviours.

Equine Facilitated Learning and Eponaquest


  • Build your confidence and self esteem

  • Develop focus and clarity

  • Discover clear direction in your life

  • Deepen your self-awareness

  • Find a path through obstacles in your life

  • Communicate clearly and effectively

  • Nurture more healthy relationships

  • Discover natural talents and strengths

  • Develop your intuition and wisdom

  • Achieve your goals easily and creatively

We offer Eponaquest   Introductory Workshops and the NOW Programme (June and September 2016)

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more about EFL and Eponaquest

EFL uses a combination of activites with horses, coaching and theoretical discussion. This, combined with creative activities and a peaceful setting provides a unique environment in which to nurture and learn.

Whether you seek to improve your confidence, build healthier relationships or deepen the connection with your horse and improve your riding ability, I can help you explore how connecting with horses can nurture and inspire you.

Reflective Riding

My holistic approach has evolved through many years of sharing Equine Facilitated Learning, providing a safe and friendly environment in which to explore and develop.

Personal Development with horses

I offer private sessions with your horse at home or livery yard in the South West where we will explore your relationship and build on your connection.

personal development my workshops

Connection, communication

and confidence.

"When I feel a real connection I communicate clearly, I’m more effective and confident.  

Be it with a human

or a horse, I believe

that real connections

come from being

truly authentic"

more about Reflective Riding

I welcome people from all walks of life in sharing the experience and profound gifts that interacting with horses bring to personal, family and professional life. Click one of the links below to find out more about my Personal Development offering  or to explore my Workshops.

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Connect with your Authentic Self

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Equine Facilitated Learning is the foundation of my Personal Development offering and can be experienced through:

I operate from two easily accessible locations in the Bristol, Bath and Somerset areas and below you can read about exactly what's on offer there. Alternatively,  you can get in touch via the link below.

  • The interaction and dynamics of a group workshop

  • The intimacy and depth of a private 1to1 session

So how can I help you?